Ankle Sprain

AnkleSprains_LGDiagnosis: An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments holding the ankle joint together stretch beyond their normal length. Ankle sprains are classified into grades. Grade 1 is mild, grade 2 is moderate and grade 3 is severe. Some sprains are severe enough that the ligament will tear.

Causes: This injury occurs when the ankle rolls, twists or turns in a way that over stretches the ligaments such as landing from a jump or even stepping off a curb.

Symptoms: Some people report hearing or feeling a “pop” with pain in the ankle joint. Swelling and bruising occur soon after and you may have difficulty placing weight through the foot.

Our Physical therapy Treatment: The first 24-48 hours of treatment after an ankle sprain should consist of resting the ankle and controlling the swelling. You can rest your ankle in an elevated position, use compression bandages and ice to control swelling. Crutches may be indicated depending on the severity of the sprain. As you start to recover, treatment may consist of:

  • Mechanical evaluation/treatment
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Strengthening and stabilization
  • Balance training
  • Functional and sport specific exercises.