Toe Degenerative Joint Disease

A00209F03Diagnoses: Degenerative joint disease refers to a gradual “wear and tear,” in which the cartilage of the joints in the toes diminish over time.

Symptoms: Joints will typically be painful and inflamed, however severity is increased over time. Other symptoms could include:

  • Pain with motion or vigorous activity
  • Joint tenderness
  • Swelling, warmth or redness
  • Morning pain or pain after rest
  • Difficulty walking

Causes: Degenerative Disc Disease develops with general wear and tear of the body. However, increased risk factors include smoking, obesity, heavy physical labor, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Our Physical Therapy Treatment: Treatment will be dependent on the patient and their response to exercise. Treatment might include:

  • Mechanical diagnoses/treatment
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening of muscles surrounding the joint
  • Manual mobilizations
  • Soft tissue mobilizations
  • Task specific performance analysis