Hip Osteoarthritis

ds00019_ ds00627_im02982_mcdc7_hiparthritisthu_jpg.pngDiagnoses: Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the body. It occurs when the cartilage on the ball of the femur wears down over time. This creates less cushion in the joint and allows for more impact between bones.

Symptoms: Osteoarthritis gradually worsens over time resulting in increased pain and decreased range of motion of the joint. Other symptoms might include tenderness to light pressure, stiffness (especially in the morning), grinding sensations, and bone spurs.

Causes: Causes include degeneration of the cartilage of the hip joint over time. When the cartilage decreases, increased friction occurs between the ball of the femur and the socket.

Our Physical Therapy Treatment: Treatment will be dependent on the patient and their response to exercise. Treatment might include:

  • Mechanical diagnoses/treatment
  • Stretching exercises
  • Lower extremity strengthening exercises
  • Manual mobilizations
  • Task specific performance analysis
  • Education on lifestyle changes