Benefits of the McKenzie System

  • Prompt outcome assessment: It is usually possible to predict treatment benefits within 1-2 visits.
  • Good accuracy of assessment data: Published peer review studies have demonstrated that assessment conclusions compare favorably with the findings from CT scans and discograms.
  • The promotion of patient self reliance. Patients are informed about the cause of their pain and given specific information to manage their symptoms. This reduces their dependence upon care-providers over the long term and gives them the tools to take responsibility for their own health.
  • Efficient use of medical services: Encouraging active patient participation reduces the number of treatment visits required. Typically, 3 to 5 therapy sessions are required over a period of 3-4 weeks.
  • Recommendations are provided as to ongoing management. The initial assessment determines the patient’s appropriateness for this kind of intervention. Should mechanical therapy not be indicated, the assessment provides information on what further kinds of intervention or investigation may be appropriate.

Questions? For more information on the McKenzie approach click on Reference: , Michael Crooks, PT, Dip MDT