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Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
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by D Scott Brown on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Scott Brown

Just finished a series of therapy sessions with Montana Spinal Rehab, feeling healed and excited to resume my high level of activity. This brief testimonial cannot begin to express my gratitude for Anna Collins and her associates.

Lower spinal stenosis and calcification of lateral nerve openings of my lumbar region progressively worsened over 2016 and early 2017, causing severe pain in upper legs, weakness and loss of balance. Following months of marginally effective steroid injections, surgery was performed, but with serious complications and extended hospitalization.

My surgeons at Anaconda Regional Hospital recommended Nash Rehab at 3 weeks after surgery. Despite a brief setback 12 weeks after surgery, at 15 weeks I have regained strength, balance and confidence due to the stretches and exercises prescribed by Anna and Lisa.

I just came down from the top of Mt. Helena--trail-skipping like a kid again and a "good" burn in lungs and legs--enormously thankful for Nash Rehab. "Good" muscle soreness has replaced the pain. I will continue Anna's stretches and exercises every day for the rest of my life!

By the way: 'Not my first rodeo.' I'm 74.

by Michelle Lauzon - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Michelle Lauzon - Helena, MT

A migraine sufferer for 20 years, a severe car accident in 2011, arthritis and chronic pain and 13 surgeries. The severity of my pain, and 'suicide' migraines led me into the darkest times in my life; waking up in the mornings 'disappointed' that I was still having to walk the earth. I have been in PT before with no relief or tools to help me with my issues. I have used TENS units, electrodes on my ears, spine stimulator, massage, heat, ice, acupuncture and narcotics. 2.5 months ago, I reluctantly agreed to PT again and my Dr. referred me to Montana Spine and Joint. My first appointment was with Sherri and I found her to be extremely well educated, intelligent, and loving what she does. She had taken a lot of time with me, learning not only my body and issues, but me as a person. She knows every person is different, and what works for one, may not work for another. She treats you, knowing that everything is connected; body, mind and spirit. When I have a migraine, the problem is not necessarily just in my head, but rather in my middle, low back or cervical. She has showed me very unique stretches that I had never seen before in all my PT's. She has educated me more about my own body and how I respond to exercises and stretches, better than I have known myself. Sherri is now the favorite part of my week. I can go in with the start of a migraine and while she assists me with my stretches, I walk out without the migraine pain and a "good sore" from our work together.. The fact that she can help me stretch these stubborn muscles and issues fascinates me, as she is no bigger than a breadbox. I am 52 and for the last 5 years, I sat at home in severe depression, isolated, on narcotics, and very sedentary. Today, only two months later, I have stopped 6 migraines, I am off narcotics, and I work out every day at Capitol HC. If anyone told me that this was possible, I would have never believed it! This has been a life changing journey and I would highly and enthusiastically recommend SHERRI and Montana Spine and Joint!

by Pam B - Clancy, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Pam B - Clancy, MT

Anna is truly amazing! When diagnosed with an age related neck issue, she looked at absolutely every area of my life in order to remove items that increased symptoms and provide strategies for handling aggravations in every sort of circumstance! Her focus on the "whole person" is really exceptional. Besides maintenance exercises she provided, she recommended changes to sitting, exercise, and yoga routines and combined that with tips for driving, household chores, and even fun activities like hiking and swimming. Her positive impact on managing a now life long condition in the most optimal way is incredible. Go See Anna!

by Jeffrey Herrick - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Jeffrey Herrick - Helena, MT

I am now 4 months out from when I had major spinal fusion surgery on my lower back. It was rough recovering from the surgery, but after 2 months of my initial healing, I began PT at Montana Spine and Joint, with Lisa Richards as my therapist. Her knowledge and insights into tackling my rehabilitation have given me stellar success. When I first walked in the door at Nash, I was using 2 canes for support and suffered from some fairly significant pain and limitations in using the muscles in my back and legs. I was quite uncomfortable and impaired, and the activities I participated in were extremely limited. It appears to be residual neurological damage from before the surgery. Regardless of that, Lisa guided me through exercises, stretches, training, and other activities that challenged me, but also empowered me. And in the last 2 months of therapy (at the point I write this) I've been freed from needing the canes and I'm free of most of the pain and restrictions that my back and legs have imposed on my life. In all seriousness, her training, coaching, and guidance have allowed me to recover my life again. I still have recovery ahead of me, but have great confidence in Lisa Richards' knowledge and insight; she will see me though toward full recovery.

by Deen P. - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Deen P. - Helena, MT

During my lifetime I have injured my lower back a couple of times. The first injury resulted in the loss of some sensation of the skin on the lower outside part of my left calf. The last injury was damaging two disks in my lower back and not being able to work for two weeks as a teacher. I have had problems and pain from this last injury for 20 years.

Today I work at a desk quite a bit of time and when I would go for a walk to get out of my cubicle part or all of my left leg would go numb to the extent one time that I had to sit because my leg did not work.

I talked to a coworker if they knew of anywhere I could get some physical therapy for my back. The Nash clinic was recommended. I was referred by my health care provider in Helena and made and appointment.

Lindsey Belliveau has been working with me since my first appointment. On my first visit she went through a range of motion with me and even though she did not have me do anything that was uncomfortable, I was surprised by my lack of range of motion.

Lindsey has been working with me to strengthen my core muscles and back muscles in a manner that does not aggravate my lower back. I have had one flare up caused by too much travel since I started working with her and we worked through this flare up.

When I go for a walk now, I know longer have problems with my left leg. I attribute this to the work Lyndsey has very patiently done with me.

by Carol B. - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Carol B. - Helena, MT

I have been going to P.T. for a month now and the results are more muscle relaxation as well as more flexibility in the joints. The physical therapists are phenomenal. They explain the right way to do your exercises and give you pictures to follow. If you do them your reward is the best ever.

by Rob F. - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Rob F. - Helena, MT

I can't say enough good about Anna's therapy. I have received all types of therapy over a period of about 45 years and have had the very best luck with the coaching that Anna gives. She enables me to help myself through understanding, appropriate exercise and stretching - exactly what we should expect from a health practitioner. Excellent!

by Betti H. - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Betti H. - Helena, MT

When I went to Montana Spine and Joint PT last fall, I was in an awful mess. My neck injury had me so bound up that I couldn't get through the day without downing numerous advil, and even then, I was pretty miserable.

My doctor advised that I go to see Anna Collins as she was "the best back therapist in town". I found out that was, indeed, true. Anna taught me how to change my office set up (desk, keyboard, etc) so that it didn't cramp my shoulders.

She taught me several exercises that I can use (continually) when me neck begins to hurt.

I'm so thankful I went to see Anna, as she definitely gave me the road map to a much more comfortable lifestyle.

Thanks, Anna!

by Jeff K. - Helena, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Jeff K. - Helena, MT

I found working with Anna Collins to be a pleasure. After months of pain in my neck and back that could not be corrected at a chiropractor, Anna was quickly able to diagnose the problem, gave me exercises to perform and within a few weeks, the pain was gone. I feel wonderful physically and I am very pleased that Montana Spine and Joint does not have me keep coming back to fix a recurring problem. I now understand what causes my pain and how to fix it on my own. It makes the services at Montana Spine and Joint affordable and worth every penny! I recommend their services to anyone.

by Elizabeth Shuler - Wolf Creek, MT on Montana Spine and Joint Rehab
Elizabeth Shuler - Wolf Creek, MT

Wow! I really didn't think it would be possible to alleviate the horrible nerve pain I had from bulging discs. I feel sooo much better and it's only been 2 weeks. Thanks so much! I am getting my life back without drugs! Very thoughtful and thorough. Thank you!